Julie’s Summer Reads


white cat

I like to do my summer reading in one of two places: either sitting on my front steps hanging out with the neighbor’s cats, or lying on the couch while my rabbits hop about and try to escape their pen.

1. Legs Get Led Astrayby Chloe Caldwell
This collection of essays made me believe in creative nonfiction all over again. Caldwell’s energetic, open style feels like listening to a friend tell you stories at a bar. And let me tell you – these are exactly the kinds of stories my friends would tell. Love, mothers, drugs, masturbation, intense friendship, a bleu cheeseburger after an orgy; Caldwell holds nothing back. This is the life of a young woman laid blissfully bare, from her conversations with the kids she’s babysitting (hilarious and poignant) to parties with Strand booksellers (there’s really no party like a bookseller party). Caldwell’s honesty is so welcome…

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