Writers Block; The Brick Wall Of FRUSTRATION


When asked; what is the hardest part of writing I will always give the same answer; WRITERS BLOCK! It is by far the most frustrating thing about the job. Especially when working to a deadline; I always set myself deadlines and most of the time will meet them. But when writers block hits it is like running into a brick wall. One minute everything is flowing; your fingers can’t stop the idea’s and words are flowing that well then out of nowhere it just goes and you are left staring at a screen and everything you have written just doesn’t look or sound right.

For any other author/journalist or any other form of writer who has experienced this; as I am sure you have in some form or another I am willing to bet you will agree that when this happens it feels like you could scream or cry, or…

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2 responses to “Writers Block; The Brick Wall Of FRUSTRATION

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