Is this your first time?

Writng your first novel or even short story can seem formidable. Believe me I’ve had my fair share of false starts. The problem was that I was ready mentally but rather that I did have what need going. This will all make since later on. Why, because I’m going to pass on a few of the tips that I’ve picked up over time.

The first tip and possibly most important is to right done your plot. You may have an amazing idea but you’re going to want to plot out the major details and events. I’m sure at some point you have been shown the plot structure graph. Well thats the reason I say to have a plot to make that your novel or short story has a climmax. There is no prescribed way to write a plot use a timeline, outline, or a bunch of paragraphs. It will making it so much easier to write.

Remember to write in drafts first draft, second draft, eighth draft, etc. The first draft doesn’t have to be perfect thats why its a first draft.  So relax don’t worry about making mistakes or adding to much backstory. You will be polishing for another unimaginable number of drafts.

Write in chunks and set reasonable goals for yourself. when I say write in chunks I mean do say chapter one and set a goal. Or maybe the first 9000 words of the first draft and set a goal. If your writing a short story maybe its the first 500 words. If you read author Sarah Dessens website somewhere she talks about hoe long it takes her to write a book. She says the first one took months but after it was out the way it was a lot easier. You dont need to rush. Give yourself a month to write the first 9000 words of the draft. Its okay to take your time.

Take plenty of notes. Before you get started have some notes that you can refer back too. Add to the notes as you go. There is going to be a lot of story that goes between majors events. So reaccurring minor characters may creep up on you. You’ll want to note their name and other details as you go.
To keep everything consistent.

This here is one the best things I’ve found. Keep in mind that I dont remember where I read it at or who wrote it. Nonetheless it stuck with me. That is put your but in the chair. If you wait around for inspiration to strike you’ll write about three sentences in a month. Set your goal put your but in the chair and make that deadline. Write well and wise my friends.
-Emma Writer


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