All Souls Trilogy, Almost (2 down 1 to go)



~post by Marie

I choose a book to read for many different reasons.  Sometimes I’m in the mood for something intellectual, a cerebral story that makes me bust out the dictionary app on my phone every five pages and re-read a sentence thrice to savor the complex syntax and erudite overtones.  Other times, I want something really serious, that looks into the blackest parts of the human soul and teases out the fatal flaws through incredible tribulation and leaves me feeling wrung out and grateful that wasn’t my life I just read.  Then there’s what I call the “brain candy” that I turn to when I want something really fun, something quick and breezy that’s a delight to read and moves along at a lovely clip.  It does need something more than that to be enjoyable; I need some good character development, and an intriguing, ever-evolving plotline.

Deborah Harkness’s All…

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