List of Things Debunked by Mythbusters

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I wouldn’t really say these are things everyone believes in, but Thought Catalogcompiled a list of things that have been debunked by MythBusters:

1. Walter White is awesome at chemistry

MythBusters tested two Breaking Bad scenes–whether a body could really be dissolved with hydrofluoric acid and whether mercury fulminate would really cause a giant explosion. No on both counts.

2. Sharks are highly evolved killing machines

MythBusters has busted a ton of misconceptions we have about sharks including the fact that they can ram a boat with enough power to damage the ship (false), that they can smell a one drop of blood in a swimming pool (it only matters if it’s fish blood, not human blood), that playing dead won’t dissuade a shark from attacking you (it can work), and the fact that sharks have reached peak evolution and have remained unchanged for 400 million years (more like 100 million).

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