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In recent months, my daughter has introduced me to The Giver.

GiverAnd I loved it. I mean, of course I did. It’s THE GIVER.

She and I have been anxiously anticipating more details on the forthcoming film version (anxiously, as all bookish nerds do when a beloved story is being adapted to film). There hasn’t been a ton of info out there, but here what we know:

Jeff BridgesJeff Bridges is in it. I’m assuming he’s Giver, but I didn’t see anywhere that it’s official.  And by anywhere I mean in my single stop on IMDB.

Brenton ThwaitesThis is Jonas. I know. The age is sooooo wrong. I have no idea why a twenty-four year-old was cast to play a twelve year-old, but let’s not judge. He could be great. Or not. I have no idea.

And here’s the super-awesome part of the post.

Meryl StreepThis is Chief Elder. Oh hells yes, it’s…

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