Book Review – Ruined – S. Pratt

Jessy's Book Club

They say you should never review a book you didn’t finish. I agree with them. So I keep at it, and sometimes, surprising most times, I find that I will find the book’s saving grace. So I read on.

With a start like that you wonder what kind of book I’m reviewing right? Well, Ruined was a weird one for me… and while my review might not be favorable, there’s a huge caveat that I think you should know about. But first, what is the book about?

Bailey is in love with a man, Angel. She’s only ever been in love with Angel, but they can’t be together. And since he’s asked her to move on, she tries to. She meets Carron and she’s lucky, because Carron is the sweetest man ever. He cares for her, he loves her, he protects her. But Carron doesn’t understand her. See, Bailey is…

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