Looking for an antihero

Write about what?

Picture 036 antihero 2Most of the students are already dreading their “special” assignment. As they walk dawdling into the room and see the prompt “Write about someone who was a good influence on you” the moans begin to crescendo. Many students quickly run out of different ways to say their selected individual is a really great friend or always there for me. Then, they turn in a repetitive fifty word essay. Others blatantly admit, “There is no one I admire.”

It doesn’t matter how this prompt is worded:  Describe a person you admire, Write about someone you look up to. Students still struggle to write cohesive and interesting essays about positive role models. So I try to help, “Tell me about the person you hate the least.” Then, I tried trying turning this around. “Tell me about the person you hate the most.”  Interesting responses. Evidently this was much easier to write. However…

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