Write it now, part 32: I’m full of ideas, but have writer’s block. What gives?

Matthew Wright

I read a post the other day complaining about an apparent paradox. The post writer was brimming with good concepts – but couldn’t write any of them down.

He wasn’t alone. A lot of those who commented had the same problem. Nobody quite knew the answer.

In fact this is a common writing problem. We’re often flooded with big-scale ideas that create worlds and novel-length stories.Or non-fiction, if you’re thinking about the real world.

But that doesn’t automatically translate into written prose.

The reason is that we usually imagine concepts as a simultaneous idea – a picture (though it’s more than that).  Whereas writing is a linear thread which, counter-intuitively, has to be expressed in ways very different from how most of those who write actually think.

To get from idea to written text we have to break the content down into that thread – deconstruct ideas and inspirations. That’s where writer’s…

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